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Child Custody

Child custody issues can be difficult, emotionally challenging, and full of other complexities. Our team of proven Phoenix child custody attorneys can help you understand your rights and provide you with options that make sense.

Filing Divorce

The first step to filing divorce is meeting with a divorce lawyer to fully understand your rights and legal options. Once you are ready and have made the decision to move forward, filing and serving your partner is the next step in the legal process.

Family Law

Our law firm handles other legal issues related to family law such as spousal maintenance, paternity, legal separation, asset division, and child support issues in Arizona. If you aren't sure and need clarification please call us today.

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Proven Phoenix Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Filing divorce is never an easy option for the couple going through this life changing event. Our job as our divorce attorney is to make sure that we do our best to achieve your goals, help you understand your rights and legal options so that you can exercise the best approach to move forward. We tell all of our clients that any supporting documentation, proven facts, asset information and other valuable court information will assist in obtaining a favorable outcome. Keep in mind, mediation is always the best resolution.

Divorce and Legal Separation

Our law office handles both divorce and legal separation in Arizona. The main difference between the two is that divorce is permanent and a legal separation can be changed at any time. For more information call our law office today.

Flat Fee and Free Consultation

Our divorce and family law office provides affordable legal representation by charging a flat fee versus an hourly rate. This flat fee can be split up into payments and a down payment retainer will be needed prior to starting your legal representation.

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